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Underfloor Heating Insulation

For effective underfloor heating you require insulation to be fitted.

There are several factors which affect the performance, and therefore the efficiency, of an underfloor heating system. The type of system used will have an impact on the amount of energy required to heat the property, while the type of flooring will also have a bearing on running costs and energy efficiency.

The size of the rooms or zones to be heated, the overall energy performance of the house, and the use of a renewable energy source to heat the underfloor system, all play a part in determining how well the heating performs.

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Is Underfloor Heating Really Green?

Planning underfloor heating - then consider is it really eco friendly?

Underfloor heating is being championed by suppliers and installers as a ‘green’ system; one that will conserve energy and save you money.

They will tell you that it is more energy efficient than other forms of heating and that it will reduce your carbon emissions.

Of course, the people who want to sell you underfloor heating will provide you with a variety of fanciful figures, but how do you know what is based on factual evidence and what is simply speculation?

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Electric vs Wet Underfloor Heating

Merits of both electric and wet underfloor heating.

If you are thinking about installing underfloor heating there are several factors you need to consider before deciding; firstly if it is right for your property and secondly which type to buy, water based or electric.

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Wet Underfloor Heating

The facts about wet underfloor heating.

Wet underfloor heating is a type of heating system which involves laying a network of pipes under, or into, the flooring. Warm water is circulated through these pipes from a boiler or separate heat source, and heat is transmitted into the floor.

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Underfloor Heating FAQ

Difficulty in considering if undefloor heating is suitable can be resolved with frequently asked questions

If you are considering underfloor heating for your home, it is difficult to know what type of system is best suited to your property, and which will be the best in the long run. There is a wealth of information out there, but it can often be difficult to navigate …

Planning Permission and Building Regs for Underfloor Heating

Which building regulations cover underfloor heating?

If you are installing an underfloor heating system, you will want to be sure that you have all the required permissions and that the system and its components all meet with building regulations. This will safeguard the investment you have made, and maintain the value of your property. There are …

History of Underfloor Heating

Typical support for Roman underfloor heating.

The type of underfloor heating available today, consisting of pipes or electrical cable laid into the floor, is a far cry from some of the methods used in the past. Amazingly, underfloor heating has been dated back as far as the Neolithic period; in this article we will examine some …