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Installing Wet Underfloor Heating

It is important to research the types of wet systems available.

If you are considering a wet underfloor heating system for your property, this guide will give you an idea of what’s involved with the installation.

If you are at the design stage of a new build, then now is the right time to look into the types of heating systems available.

If you have already chosen to use water based underfloor heating, it is important to integrate the system into the design, to reduce fitting costs and time on site when it comes to installation.

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Installing Electric Underfloor Heating

The facts about the installation of electric underfloor heating.

If you are thinking of installing your own electric underfloor heating, or you are having some installed and want to know more about the process, this article gives a brief guide to the fitting of the system, along with some handy hints and things to look out for.

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Underfloor Heating FAQ

Difficulty in considering if undefloor heating is suitable can be resolved with frequently asked questions

If you are considering underfloor heating for your home, it is difficult to know what type of system is best suited to your property, and which will be the best in the long run. There is a wealth of information out there, but it can often be difficult to navigate …

Planning Permission and Building Regs for Underfloor Heating

Which building regulations cover underfloor heating?

If you are installing an underfloor heating system, you will want to be sure that you have all the required permissions and that the system and its components all meet with building regulations. This will safeguard the investment you have made, and maintain the value of your property. There are …

History of Underfloor Heating

Typical support for Roman underfloor heating.

The type of underfloor heating available today, consisting of pipes or electrical cable laid into the floor, is a far cry from some of the methods used in the past. Amazingly, underfloor heating has been dated back as far as the Neolithic period; in this article we will examine some …